Is The VIP Club Right For You?

VIP Club

Our VIP Baker's Club is a space for learning, baking and connecting with other students. But is a dedicated place for baking right for you?

If you are interested in sourdough and you want to have fun learning, read on! We know that you want your recipes to turn out and want to be able to fit baking into your lifestyle. At the same time, you also don't want to overcommit yourself if you already have a busy life!

Joining our VIP Baker's Club might be the equivalent of finding a hidden gem on your sourdough journey. Or maybe you're not ready to commit to learning new recipes

We've compiled a list of ways to see if the VIP Baker's Club is right for you!

The VIP Baker's Club is right for you if...

  • You can commit to baking at least one recipe a month
  • You want to save time baking recipes that work
  • You want to have fun baking
  • Connecting with a community of bakers around the world sounds like fun
  • You want to feel supported in your baking and have somewhere to ask your questions
  • You are committed to learning and practicing new skills and concepts

Whether you are ready to join our VIP Baker's Club or not, remember that sourdough is a JOURNEY. The creations you can make with sourdough are endless and the journey is so much more enjoyable when you can have fun along the way.

Think you are ready to join the VIP Baker's Club? You can sign up here.